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Dr. Sandhya Pruthi

Lonzetta Neal, MD, Mayo Clinic

Information before, during, and after your treatments

Always ask your medical team about community resources such as financial assistance, medical referrals, support groups and rehabilitation services. Knowing more about resources that are available can help you be a better patient. You do not have to struggle alone.

Resources: Local and National

  • After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • American Cancer Society
  • Angel Foundation (MN)
  • Baylor University Black Women Breast Cancer
  • Beauty Beyond BC
  • Bold and Breastless
  • Breast Cancer Action
  • Breast Cancer Education Association (MN)
  • Cancer Support Community
  • Carrie’s Touch
  • Center for Disease Control
  • Celebrating Life
  • Center for Black Women’s Wellness
  • Fight Through Flights